Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Report: V2X Communications and Intelligence Networking Gaps

Findings from the V2X Communications and Intelligence Networking

  • All but one of the gaps in this category have high work-plan relevance scores, indicating again the significance of both 5-year time horizons and/or hardware R&D among the interdisciplinary topics in this gap category.
  • 30% of the total number of gaps identified (11 of 37 gaps) is classified as V2X communications and intelligence systems gaps.
  • 82% (9 of 11 gaps) of the gaps in this category are identified by SP as consensus gaps, demonstrating the strong interest-level indicated in primary sources (again, non-statistical, non-survey-based and a snap-shot in time) for these gaps.
  • The top five consensus gaps in this category are highlighted for relevance to our research work-plan:
    •  V2X software-hardware integration (all aspects of design, test, engineering and piloting of sensing and communication protocols);
    • Cyber Security (covers all aspects of making V2X communications secure);
    • Low-Cost Geo-Localization at 2-3 cm accuracy (requires many sensors, infrastructure and systems to work seamlessly together);
    • Low Cost V2X Connectivity (requires benchmarking true costs of pilot systems, and paths to cost reduction); and
    • Strategic Planning (guidance for fed-state-local governments and industry in defining needs and opportunities for integrated Smart City, Smart Grid and Smart AV Car applications).
  • Only two gaps in this category are not considered consensus gaps at this time.
    • Autonomous Vehicle Mobility Command Centers;
    • OEMs as Spectrum Providers, where the primary sources expressed a need to address the volume of data that vehicles will be producing and using in autonomous vehicle and connected vehicle scenarios.
  • Most V2X and Intelligence Networking gaps have both strong support in the AVS community and relatively high work-plan relevance scores.  This suggests opportunities to take action on many gaps in this category.
  • Synthesis assesses that VTO has opportunity to expand engagement into new technical fields because all V2X and Intelligence Networking gaps exist at the interface between software and hardware.

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Report (2016-2018)


Gap Analysis

Final Recommendations and Conclusions

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