Class 3-8 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: NA Supply Chain Assessment Report: Introduction

This report covers work completed by Synthesis Partners, LLC (“Synthesis”) for the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) under contract number DE-DT0006388, during fiscal year (FY) 2018.

Research Process to Assess Class 3-8 HEVs and PEVs on North American Roads and Their Suppliers.

This work assessed the number and type of Class 3-8 (medium- and heavy-duty) HEV and PEVs on North American (NA) roads, including analyzing information on the suppliers of traction drive inverters, converters, motors and batteries for Class 3-8 HEV and PEV vehicles operating on NA roads.  VTO approved the work-plan that guided this work on 28 November 2017 and the collection phase of the work was completed on July 30, 2018. 

Across thousands of English-language sources to develop a baseline for the most recent calendar year, of quantitative and qualitative data, on:

  1. Number, make, model, manufacturer of Class 3-8 HEV & PEV commercial vehicles on the road in North America (NA: U.S., Canada, Mexico) for the most recent full year public data is available;
  2. For the population of vehicles identified, for the same year, identify the suppliers of drive-train inverters, converters, motors, and batteries (which can include cells); and
  3. Rank suppliers identified by revenue and numbers of units shipped (as publicly available, or reasonably inferred).

In addition, Synthesis employed the information and insights obtained in addressing the above questions to identify gaps, constraints and bottlenecks in the NA supply chain for traction drive components for Class 3-8 HEV and PEVs.  This report provides a summary of information, which is the information that can be made publicly available from this work effort.

Class 3-8 Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: Supply Chain Assessment Report (2019)


Gap Analysis

Final Recommendations and Conclusions

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