North American Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Charging Market and Supply Chain: Introduction

Note: The full report is not yet public, however selected data is available for public release. This report covers work completed by Synthesis Partners, LLC (“Synthesis”) for the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office during fiscal year 2019.

This work assessed the supply chain for the North American (NA) Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) charging market, including an assessment of what sources state are key gaps and technology developments of interest to the VTO.  This effort included research on companies, technologies, suppliers, supplier relationships, business model issues and sources’ views on technology and related gaps.  VTO approved the work-plan that guided this work in December 2018.  The collection cut-off date was July 31, 2019. 

Synthesis initiated and executed integrated primary and secondary source research across thousands of English-language sources to develop a baseline and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, on:

  • Class 1 (AC lower power), Class 2 (AC higher power), Class 3 (DC Fast (100-200kW), Extreme and Supercharging (200+: 350-400kW) chargers.
  • SAE J1772 (physical connectors); SAE TIR J2954 (wireless charging); and Tesla Standard chargers.
  • Main NA EVSE players and their equipment, revenue, technology, plans or business model types.
  • Key barriers, gaps and trends with regard to issues of interest to sources, for example, power level issues; siting Issues; installation costs; electricity rates; technology bottlenecks and gaps.

This report provides a summary of information, which is the information that can be made publicly available from this work effort.

North American (NA) Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Supplier Equipment Market and Supply Chain Gap Report (2019)


Gap Analysis

Final Recommendations and Conclusions

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