North American Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Charging Market and Supply Chain: Gap Analysis

This post highlights the gaps identified through in-depth primary source collection in the NA EVSE market place.  The gaps are defined by sources’ specific statements about the constraints or bottlenecks that these sources state that they encounter in their business operations in NA.  Synthesis assessed 251 specific gap statements from primary sources, as well as selected secondary and market research sources for these findings.  The gap statements are analyzed to produce guidance on the most important areas for potential new VTO R&D or other investments. 

All gap data is documented in the Synthesis EVSE Gap Database (August 2019), which is not made public to preserve confidentiality of sources.  The following information provides illustrative, selected examples of gap statements.

Gap Statement Categories

The 251 gap statements are broken down into the following 12 categories for purposes of analysis and characterization.  The following categories are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of priority.

  1. Business Model Issues
  2. Cybersecurity Issues
  3. Data Gap Issues (e.g., Requests for information about EVSE infrastructure developments.)
  4. Grid Infrastructure Issues
  5. Materials Supply Issues
  6. Metrology Issues (e.g., Statements about metering technology improvements that are needed.)
  7. Network Systems Engineering (wire-line and wireless) Issues
  8. Software Issues
  9. Standards Issues
  10. Technical Coordination & Analysis Issues (e.g., Statements about the lack of pilot projects, testing and data management services)
  11. Technology Hardware Issues (e.g., EVSE hardware, including battery, gap statements.)
  12.  VTO Feedback (Direct feedback re: USG funding actions.)

As depicted below, the prioritization of concerns by and among EVSE sources about the factors that limit market growth begins with business model issues, followed by technology hardware, standards and data gap issues.

Priority Gap Areas, by Frequency of Gap Statements

North American (NA) Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Supplier Equipment Market and Supply Chain Gap Report (2019)


Gap Analysis

Final Recommendations and Conclusions

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