North American Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Charging Market and Supply Chain Report: Cyber Security Gaps

Cyber Security Gap Statement Analysis

Ten (10) Cyber Security gap statements were identified, which represent 4% of the total number of gap statements.  Questions about the vulnerability of the EV charging infrastructure predominate followed closely by the call for additional EV charging cyber security analysis coordination.   It is important to note that this study did not reach out to cyber security professionals to ask specifically about cyber security questions. 

As a result it is reasonable to assume that the priority given to cyber security issues here is too low, based on the fact that this study did not drill down with cyber security experts regarding cyber security vulnerabilities, and because there is a strong recency bias with regard to cyber security vulnerabilities. Indeed, should a major breach of EV charging networks occur as this sentence is being written, the number of respondents that raise cyber security as a top concern will increase significantly.

North American (NA) Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Supplier Equipment Market and Supply Chain Gap Report (2019)


Gap Analysis

Final Recommendations and Conclusions

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