North American Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Charging Market and Supply Chain Report: Data Gaps

Data Gap Statement Analysis

Thirty-two (32) Data gap statements were identified, which represent 13% of the total number of gap statements.  Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) issues, infrastructure studies and utility services and planning represent the most significant sub-gap areas in this category.   The data gaps highlight the constraints in EVSE market development caused by inaccurate, imprecise or insufficient data about each of the topics listed above.  The main focus by NA EVSE participants is on the need for improved data regarding V2G developments, infrastructure studies, utility services and planning and MD-HD EV developments.  In essence, participants are seeking accurate, current technical, electricity usage, grid-usage and cost data to help EVSE suppliers design, develop, plan and deliver new products and services.  More information on the study gaps is available upon request.

North American (NA) Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Supplier Equipment Market and Supply Chain Gap Report (2019)


Gap Analysis

Final Recommendations and Conclusions

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