FY20 Research Approach and Methodology

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FY20 Research Approach and Methodology
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This research is based on our FY 20 (Oct. 2019 – Sept. 2020) assessment of the global supply of rare earths for EV traction drive motors. We evaluated thousands of secondary sources alongside hundreds of anonymized expert sources that exchanged information with Synthesis directly. We ranked and analyzed quantitative data on the supply chain, including about gaps in the supply chain, according to a RE mine-to-magnet domain model developed by for this project. Each primary source is hereby acknowledged by Synthesis and thanked for their time and contributions to this effort. All errors and omissions remain the sole responsibility of Synthesis.

NA RE Mine-to-Magnet Supply Chain Gap Intelligence is based on numerous primary source inputs, and a comprehensive review of associated secondary data on technology developments of interest.  The supply chain database built for this project includes more than 180 RE mine-to-magnet organizations, including information on collaborations, technologies, business model issues and sources’ views on NA supply chain bottlenecks or gaps.  

Approximately 900 unique, custom contacts were made via telephone and email to sources in the mine-to-magnet supply chain industry.  From the telephone and email primary source contacts, hundreds of inputs were generated resulting in over 450 NA RE mine-to-magnet supply chain highly relevant executive contacts and over 40 in-depth interviews. Summary contact statistics include:

  • Sr. Execs = 248 (55%);
  • Mid-Level Execs = 148 (33%); and
  • Other (Researchers, State, Federal or Non-Profit) = 54 (12%).

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