North American (NA) Light Duty EV Charging and Supplier Equipment (EVSE) Supply Chain Gap Assessment (2020)

This work assessed the supply chain for the North American (NA) Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) charging market in 2019. It includes an assessment of key gaps and technology needs and developments of interest to the US federal R&D community.  The report and research assessed 100s of companies, technologies, suppliers, supplier relationships, business model issues and sources’ views on EVSE technology and related gaps.  VTO approved the work-plan that guided this work in December 2018, and the collection cut-off date was July 31, 2019.  A public report was released in April 2020.

North American (NA) Light Duty Electric Vehicle (LDEV) Supplier Equipment Market and Supply Chain Gap Report (2019)


Gap Analysis

Final Recommendations and Conclusions

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