Selected North American Rare Earth Industry Supply Chain Links (2020)

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Note: This repository covers approximately 500 bookmarks and industry links developed during our FY20 RE mine-to-magnet supply chain research. Please note the collection cut-off date was July 31st 2020 and some links may change over time. These links are not offered with any guarantee or warranty covering the validity of the information that is contained within them.

Selected North American-Related RE Corporate News Reports

US Defense Industrial Base: Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States; Report to President Donald J. Trump by the US Interagency Task Force in Fulfillment of Executive Order 13806: September 2018
2017 Mountain Pass sells for $20.5 million – MINING.COM (June 16, 2017)
Canadian rare earths metals look for shot in the arm from U.S. government funds | Financial Post (January 31, 2020)
Coronavirus slows U.S. push to produce electric vehicle minerals – Reuters (March 26, 2020)
Don’t panic about Rare Earth Elements – Scientific American (May 31, 2019)
Federal Government means business over critical metals, blocks Chinese investment in Northern Minerals (April 23, 2020)
Japan and Vietnam Join Forces to Exploit Rare Earth Elements – Scientific American (July 13, 2012)
Mitigating supply risks through involvement in rare earth projects: Japan’s strategies and what the US can learn (October 2019)
New Methodology Identifies Mineral Commodities Whose Supply Disruption Poses the Greatest Risk to the U.S. Manufacturing Sector (February 21, 2020)
Pentagon resumes rare earths funding program after review – Reuters (July 21, 2019)
Pentagon to stockpile rare earth magnets for missiles, fighter jets – Reuters (December 20, 2019)
Pentagon resumes rare earths funding program after review – Reuters (July 21, 2020)
Rare Earths Are a Paper Tiger in the U.S.-China Trade War – Bloomberg (May 30, 2019)
Rare opportunity to recycle rare earths – Recycling Today (January 3, 2018)
Rivals Dig Deeper in Race for Rare Earth Minerals (October 29, 2019)
The U.S. rare earths saga continues… (July 22, 2019)

Other North American-Related RE Datasheets, PDF Documents and Reports

Mineral Suply Chain Risk Methodology – USGS
Evaluating the mineral commodity supply risk of the U.S. manufacturing  sector | Science Advances
Natural Resources in 2020, 2030, and 2040: Implications for the United States 2013-05
Supply Risk of Mineral Commodities | Science Advances
The Basics of Amorphous-Iron Motors
Use of Rare Earth Elements | Commerce Resources
USGS Rare Earths Statistics and Information