What are We Working on Now?

We are currently assessing the global supply chain for rare earth elements (REEs) and RE metals used in EV traction drive motor magnets. Below are some of the questions we are addressing.

The Current State of the Market, Including North American Supply Chain Gaps

  • Post-COVID-19, what is the range of projections regarding supply and demand of Rare Earth Elements critical to traction drive motor magnets (i.e., Dy, Nd and Pr)?
  • What do leading experts and representatives of leading companies in the rare earth mine-to-metals market for traction drive motor magnets worry most about?
  • Are imbalances projected in rare earth metal market supply and demand trend lines?
  • Which North American-based R&D initiatives, REE and RE metal technology transition opportunities need to be highlighted?

Global Supply Chain Status and RE Processing Technology Highlights:

  • What do SMEs say about the near- and long-term future location, type and quality of motor PM and rare-earth element production?
  • What critical R&D paths are most significant, and how might they change the future of rare-earth metals for traction drive motor magnet markets?

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